There is a better way

The Open Source Software Imperative


  • Open source software is where programming is going.
  • No software licensing costs.
  • Cloud based.
  • Low cost save for software customization.
  • The prototype generates complete patient records in context and in sequence, available to all relevant parties 24/7 on an as needs basis.
  • MDerate is designed to work with the web using web compatible file formats.
  • Code can be extensively tested for reliability and security in the most competitive software environment known to man.
  • Being cloud based, MDerate will be able to run on any device able to connect to the web.
  • MDerate will evolve as the net evolves, something radically different from the closed source and often outdated code used by some of the largest hospitals in the world.
  • Because MDerate will use open APIs (Application Programming Interface), the ability of the software to connect to closed and open source environments becomes possible.
  • True interoperability becomes possible due to the ability of MDerate  to link to any resource able to communicate using web compatible file formats, i,e, .txt, .csv, .pdf (Acrobat) .xls (Excel), .doc  (Word), .jpg, .mov & mp4 etc, etc.
  • Multi Language capability is already built in due to the web centric nature of open source. Artificial intelligence connectivity becomes a given as all major AI environments use open APIs similar to MDerate’s.
  • The system becomes a hub as MDerate is designed from the ground up to connect to all relevant parties as needs warrant. Billers/EHRs/PMSs (Practice Management Systems)/Clearing House.
  • MDerate,will connect to the Internet of things as needs warrant.
  • Telemedicine is just another patient visit.
  • The system prototype works with the existing environment, single payer or no payer as the workflow for healthcare, in actuality, is independent of the kind of payment given to the service in question.
  • The OS Code is scale independent due to how MDerate assembles the medical event .
  • Due to MDerate’s unique approach to the HC workflow, exporting research data, including billing, in realtime, is a given.

The 3 Pillars of Healthcare


  1. Record the details of the claim as they appear, keyed to the patient’s medical event.
  2. Link provider operational details to the patient record i.e. inventory management, facility & staffing costs as they appear.
  3. Leverage transaction processing to include real time patient insurance verification, when possible, and provide real time access to clinical data, the claim and all relevant financials, by appropriate parties, as needs warrant.

Link Billing to Services Rendered


  • Tracking income and costs to each and every patient record becomes reality.
  • For the first time, accurate profit & loss calculations keyed to each patient record becomes reality.
  • Reducing fraud, a $272 million/year business, becomes reality because P&L monies are now linked to each and every Patient Record.
  • Because P&L can now be calculated, the ability of HC organizations to improve efficiency becomes reality.
  • Financial analytics, used to leverage and manage P&L, like every other industry, becomes a reality for Healthcare.
  • Realize that billing also applies to medicare and medicaid as the government of every industrialized country that does single payer,  provides the monies to enable these single payer environments to operate.