Questions – Patients

    • Are my complete healthcare records available to me whenever I want them? Are they free?
    • Are they secured? Do they meet HIPPA compliance requirements?
    • My doctor tells me that it will take three weeks to get my health records. Why is this so?
    • Can I get them in PDF? Anytime?
    • I have just been diagnosed with a very serious condition and want my records sent to three different specialists for consultations.
      How long will that take?
    • What about images, X-rays. MRIs, will they be transferred with my records in context and in sequence?
    • How do I access my records anytime and anywhere?
    • Can I use a mobile device, like a smart phone or an ipad?
    • What if I am travelling outside the country, can I get my records?
    • Why should I pay for my records when I already paid when my doctor examined me? Isn’t this double billing?


  • What are the benefits of MDerate to my staff in terms of time and useability?
  • How well does the program interact with the Insurance companies?
  • What about staff training? How long will it take to train my staff?
  • How does MDerate interact with outside labs, image centers, and other testing facilities?
  • How does MDerate integrate my financials as well as my patient’s electronic medical records?
  • How does MDerate handle research data and can it be connected to AI vendors?
  • How easy is it to give complete patient records to patients and outside parties?
  • Are the patient records complete and are they in sequence and context, keyed to each and every visit the patient makes whether the appointment is on premise or conducted remotely?


  • Profit & Loss, can it be keyed to patient and/or to practice in realtime?
  • Can P&L be realtime, using income to date/expense to date as modifiers, along the lines of Quickbooks?
  • Can financial data be exported in Excel or .csv as needs warrant in order to link it to accounting and analytic systems as needs warrant. Can this be done in realtime?
  • Can patient records be custom tailored to insurance, financial and billing as needs warrant? In real time.
  • Is MDerate open and designed to work with the web?
  • Is MDerate scalable and able to communicate in different languages as needs warrant?
  • Is the system modular so outside vendors from billing software providers to EHR environments can connect to it as needs warrant?
  • Is it future proof, can it work with the existing US healthcare environment or meet the needs of single player systems residing in almost every industrialized country in the world?
  • Can the software link to outside vendors on as as needs basis?


  • Regulatory, how can it be improved?